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A passion for music, a love for sound and a talent for spinning. This is E:DJ. Since the age of 5 he has been playing piano out of love for Keyes not knowing what his future held. Today he ranks top 100 DJ's in the world by Beatport & hits the charts on almost every mix he releases. Named one of the most influential DJ's in the world in 2013 E:DJ really stands out from the rest. With an influenced underground sound early in his career from Nick Warren, Dave Seaman & DJ Tiesto and so many others the beginning of the his career kicked off at a time when EDM just landed & began to make a splash in the U.S. Since 1996 E:DJ has spun live in front of audiences all over the country. With a growing following daily he has been featured many times over and again in all music related articles and online music catalogs. The perfect marriage of EDM underground & mainstream lies in the talented hands of E:DJ. With millions of online listeners & followers over the years it is undeniable the unique sound that is known as "The Sound of E:DJ". With a large number of mixes raking top 100 on the charts, E:DJ is sure to lead the way for new & upcoming DJ's who many have been influenced by him & find a variation of E:DJ to call themselves. A pioneer sure to impact the ever-changing world of EDM as he already has. In 2010 E:DJ re-releases a creative mix for the road inspired by driving called DRIVE & stuns the audience with another tribe inspired mix the following year called A TRIBE CALLED HOUSE, a tribal house mix that received some amazing reviews from fans along. 2011 he creates an epic mainstream progressive house named TWISTED SPIRAL receiving the most reviews and compliments from fans. In 2012 he releases an energy inspired mix and calls it TRAINING DAY. In 2013 E:DJ releases a disco inspired mix called STUDIO 54 that just received some rave reviews. In 2014 E:DJ demands everyone's attention by releasing a 3 hour set of Psychedelic Trance named TRIP, RIDE & FLOW. Why? according to him "first you TRiP, so you RiDE, then you FLoW and then you go backwards so you FLoW & RiDE The TRiP" a 3 part series that had the social media buzzing. E:DJ prides himself on creativity & has proven that over & again. Today, his audience awaits impatiently for his next release daily to enjoy the sound of E:DJ.


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